Monday, March 23, 2009

The Big Bang

I'm sitting here watching season two of my favorite sitcom in the whole world, the Big Bang Theory. Specifically, season two, episode eight, titled 'The Lizard-Spock Expansion.' I love anything involving physics, comics, and people that are ten times geekier than I am. Though just starting community college at thirty-two, I am determined to study physics at New Mexico Tech and, later, Caltech, researching in the field of quantum computing. I will have my doctorate at 40. Sometimes I think it's hardly worth it; what difference can I make? But then I think back to all the dreams and desires I had as a child, the awe I felt about our earth and our universe, and I realize that I want that sense of awe, excitement, and optimism that I had in every science class, and it gives me the motivation I need to suffer through all the mindless monotony while I achieve what I should have achieved years ago.

In the Lizard-Spock Expansion, Wolowitz, in an effort to impress his date by showing off his work with NASA, ends up getting the Mars Rover stuck in a ditch. Hilarity ensues as he, Sheldon, and Koothrappali try to hide the evidence linking Wolowitz to the accident. The kick is (spoiler!), Wolowitz' mistake ends up proving the existence of life on Mars, which, of course, Wolowitz cannot take credit for. The relevence to my life is that, after I dropped out of high school, I got stuck in my own ditch. For sixteen years. But that just enabled me to find that I was still that Star Trek watching, textbook reading, curious geek I was as a child, and I like being that person. Wolowitz, of course, couldn't benefit from his mistake. But I will benefit from mine, and I will help make the world a better place in the process.

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