Monday, April 20, 2009

Collecting Geekdom

So the Wal-Mart here (yah it's really the only place worth shopping in this town, or you know I wouldn't)finally got the Playmates action figures for the upcoming Star Trek movie. I just happened to stop by the toy section when I was getting cat food after work. So I bought the 3.75" Spock figure. I couldn't afford the big one, honestly.

Anyways, the figures are actually quite well-detailed, and look like good quality collectors items. I've seen some pretty nasty looking Playmates figures, so I'm really pleased with these. Spock's right hand comes off- there is another hand included which holds a phaser. There is also a bridge chair and Spock's science station (you can build the whole bridge if you collect them all!) and a stand, shaped like the famous federation insignia. I'll try to get all of the crew at least, plus Captain Pike and Old Spock.

What else? Man I need to get healthy again. I'm getting so fat and disgusting it's pathetic. Meh, I need a girlfriend. Girls make me want to try. LOL. But seriously, I've got all these new clothes I bought for summer but can't fit in. Gonna need to start jogging.

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