Wednesday, April 8, 2009


According to an article in Computer World, hackers from China and Russia have been infiltrating the US power grid, leaving behind malware that could potentially be activated to cause damage to the power infrastructure. No word has been said yet about whether our intelligence agencies have been able to remove the software or even find all of it.

This is yet another example of how we can benefit from quantum computers. Using the processing capability of a computer that can logically process 2n times the data of modern computers in the same amount of time, encryption algorithms can be made so strong as to be unbreakable by even modern binary supercomputers. Of course, other quantum computers could possibly break the encryptions, given enough time, but the number of people or organizations having access to quantum computers would be very small. The risks would be considerably less, since anyone with ill intent would necessarily have to be involved with either be a government or scientific program. "Joe Hacker" would never have a chance.

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