Thursday, April 9, 2009

Linux Saves the Day

Linux users are laughing. The Conficker worm has recently started updating itself, most likely with keystroke logging software. This is no laughing matter. Millions of PCs are infected with the worm, and peoples' privacy is being invaded. In America and the UK, where the governments have already seriously reduced civil liberties and are openly spying on citizens, this is just one more thing to worry about.

What is funny, is the fact that there is a tool that can assess damage done by the worm, allowing administrators to know the full extent of the damage done and to take appropriate measures. To do this, they will simply need to use Linux.

Priceless. I honestly hope Linux doesn't catch on with the average PC user. Increased popularity of an OS gives hackers the incentive to write malware for that system. And Linux is virtually malware free. I, for one, want it to stay that way. So keep shelling out hundreds of dollars for each Windows update, my sheep. It's so funny when you pay to have your personal information stolen.

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