Friday, May 22, 2009

Acid Burns (Rips, Actually)

So I was trying to rip my Big Bang Theory Season 1 DVDs, making each episode an individual file in .avi format using AcidRip. But for some reason, I could not get any audio from the completed files. I searched Ubuntu forums where the prevailing recommendation was to choose the audio language specifically- even though the default is English, I should select 1: English. So I did that, and still no go. I also tried choosing a different codec for the audio encoding, and still nada.

Well, I finally noticed that there is a Gain selector under the audio Language list. It is, by default, set to 0. I set it to 1 and, sure enough, got audio on the new file after encoding it again. So, if you have the same trouble with no audio in AcidRip, try setting the audio gain to between 1 and 40 (40 = x1000). Just posting this because alot of people were asking on the forums, but the threads are all closed for replies for some reason.

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