Thursday, May 7, 2009

UN Still Can't Get It Up

Die with love.

Israeli Kids

I like Jews. Really I do. As a Christian, I consider them cousins. As a humanitarian, I consider them people just like any others, worthy of respect and freedom, no more and no less than anyone else.

However, I despise Israel. I know, it's something you really cannot say without being labeled an anti-Semite, but people who try to justify their feelings of superiority will always claim to be unfairly persecuted when their actions are judged. The fact is, not all Jews are Israeli. The fact also is that Israel is one of the biggest obstacles to peace in the middle east. They are a hateful, violent nation whose methods and beliefs are no different than those of Hamas or any other terrorist organization. They grow fat off the insane amount of money, weapons (most likely including nuclear), and support given to them by America, for the simple fact that American Jews believe they owe something to Israel, when in fact they owe it nothing. When they are criticised by the United Nations, they simply bomb United Nations school buildings and kill more innocent civilians, claiming later that they were fired upon by "terrorists"- you know, the type of people who bomb schools.

Worse, Israeli children are forced to become hateful, violent religious extremists as well. Nobody who knows children can say that the young girls in the picture above came up with their twisted, hateful messages and wrote them on the bombs that kill other children, all by themselves. The propaganda Israeli children are submitted to is as bad as the propaganda Palestinian children are submitted to. Indeed, with the photographer who took the picture and the photographer behind the girls, it's obvious that the girls are being used as propaganda, and were probably coached on which messages to write. This is digusting.

I really hope the UN grows the stones it had back in the days of Dag Hammarskjold and eventually stops cowering every time Israel stomps its feet. Or we will eventually have no middle east, at least not one that is not too radioactive to live in.

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