Saturday, June 27, 2009

Can We Survive Faith?

I was reading another anti-evolution 'debate' on some Christian blog today and saw this gem in the comments section. It was a response to someone stating that it was silly to believe in a god that refuses to show himself.

...(Do you believe there is a "backside" of the Moon...? Why ? you can't see it or prove it's there...umm ?).

OMG, seriously? I truly am amazed at the willful ignorance of so many people. They will line up at the creationism museum and ooh and ah over all the idiotic 'explanations' of the world , all the time laughing at the stupid scientists who could be so stupid as to believe in stupid evolution. Ignoring, of course, the fact that stupid scientists have made possible every single thing they take for granted everyday, such as the TV they watch their anti-evolution sermons on, the computers they write their idiotic comments with, the cars they drive to their church for the weekly dose of stupid they love so much, the medical care they receive when they get sick (unless they are the ultra-stupid kind who try to pray themselves well) etc.

But what is really frightening is that these people actually seem to be gaining members at a steady pace. Can humanity actually ever advance, or are we doomed to the dark ages because of these people who not only oppose science, but actually pray that the world will end soon? With so many people hoping for god to destroy humanity, is it just a matter of time before they get impatient take it into their own hands?

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