Friday, July 17, 2009

KTEK Radio

New Mexico Tech has a pretty cool radio station. I found a link to listen online here. They were playing some VNV Nation when I got there, then they played 'The Curse of Captain Morgan' by the Scottish metal band Alestorm. Pretty good stuff, man, I recommend it for online listening. Tech rawks. I totally cannot wait to go there. One more year, man! I've still got CalTech plans, but I think I'll get my Master's at NM Tech, then try for CalTech.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Install Flash 10 Plugin on Your Linux System

I was trying to install the latest Flash player from Adobe on my Ubuntu Jaunty release, and kept getting the error, Error: Wrong architecture 'i386'. Apparently, they do not offer the 64 bit version for Linux yet, although I could have sworn that they released it. Anyways, thanks to this post on another blog, I was able to use a simple script to install it.

Simply open your terminal and type


Make it executable with

sudo chmod +x

then run it

sudo sh ./

It's that simple. The script will close your browser, install the plugin, and you are done. Works like a charm.