Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm Glad I Have a Brain

If I weren't so intelligent, I might be crying like a little bitch Beck, too. You've all heard the idiocy. Obama wants to send our families to socialist death squads who will decide whether they live or die! Some bureaucrat is going to decide whether I get health care after I finally get into the hospital after waiting for three months! We're all going to die like everyone in France, Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, etc.! I'm just so scared of Obama!!

First of all, save your fake outrage and "spontaneous" outbursts for the other people who only watch Fox news. We who get our information from a variety of reliable sources aren't buying it. And stop acting like people are trying to silence you. Hey, we could always do it the Republican way and give you your own fenced-in "free speech zone" ten blocks away from the meeting, you jackasses. Yeah, you people have some real short memories, don't you?

I, however, being the thinking man that I am, believe that socialized medicine and other forms of communal welfare are not only the most Christian (or any religion that espouses love for others), but the most natural form of health provision that can exist. Put it this way. My mother just died of cancer. Now, she had insurance, due to the fact that she worked for a hospital. Never mind the fact that after five years there she was still only earning about $10 an hour- at least she had health insurance. But before that, while she was working her ass off to support her children and try to provide a decent life for herself and us, she never had health insurance. Sure, there were a few jobs that offered insurance, but she could have barely even afforded the copay if she'd needed to use it.

And that's just the thing- most insurance is OK if you have an emergency or are sick, but what about preventive care? If she'd had access to more care options, such as the one proposed by our President, then she could have had a regular checkup, and they might have discovered the cancer soon enough to save her life. But that didn't happen. She had regular insurance (you know, with a corporate entity standing between you and your doctor) and only discovered the cancer through a freak accident- she broke a rib and they saw it on her x-ray.

So the fact is that my mother, and maybe someone in your family, and I can almost guarantee someone you know, could have had their lives saved but for the fact that good Christian Republicans don't want some "lazy welfare cheat" costing them a few extra dollars in taxes each year. I mean, those few extra dollars could have bought a new yellow ribbon sticker for their SUV, or a cool new doormat with a funny phrase on it, or a new gift for their spoiled children which will be broken and thrown away within a week. Basically my point is that my mother, and thousands others, might still be alive today if "conservatives" weren't such greedy, hateful, scared-of-their-own-shadows idiots.

I for one am tired of these people. I really hope there is a way to make them see the light, but I honestly don't know if there is. They are conditioned to sit in front of the TV and listen to fanatics like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck tell them how to think, what to think, and why to think. They have been conditioned by corporate entities to believe and be comfortable with the fact that they are merely "consumers" who only exist to buy things in order to prop up the bloated CEOs that run our economy, in the hopes that they might "trickle down" on us regular Joes. But I still have hope that true change will come. After all, their lies, fear, and hate couldn't turn Americans' eyes away from the corruption and hypocrisy we saw from the republicans for eight years. I think even many conservatives are starting to realize they've been had. And I know many of them are good, faithful people who really want to do what is right, but are afraid of the ostracism or worse that they might suffer for not toeing the party/church line. Perhaps they will man up and do what is right for this country for once in their lives.

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