Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I heard about this website on the Colbert Report a few weeks ago and went to check it out. According to the website, Conservapedia is "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia", free from all the "liberal untruths" that beset Wikipedia and apparently every other medium other than Fox News.

It's funny. The first article I read was about Barack Hussein Obama, and the very first reference was to--- Pravda. That's right, the old Communist Party propaganda machine itself! Another article is all about the "Obama administration corporate bailouts". The site claims these bailouts are socialism in action and that they are proof that Obama wants to turn our country into a socialist one! Only they forget, of course, to mention that it was George W. Bush that was responsible for the corporate bailouts of 2008.

Of course, since they are such an honest, conservative group, I decided to contact them and correct them on a few things. Surprise, surprise, all the honest people at Conservapedia are too frightened to put any kind of contact address on the site. So I signed up as a user, and tried to edit the page for accuracy. No such luck. The honest conservatives at Conservapedia do not really allow their users to edit pages- the site owners and admin are the only ones qualified to post the "truth", apparently.

So what we have is yet another right-wing propaganda machine that uses blatant lies and distortion to advance their agenda while claiming to be the ultimate Truth. Yep, sounds a lot like Pravda (the word means 'truth' in Russian). I honestly cannot believe that there are still so many stupid Americans who believe a word any corporate, fascist Republican says.

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