Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Fun With Conservapedia

You are welcome to contribute here, but in my experience, when a user's first edit is fact-tagging, they're not here to help. If a user who was here to help came across something they believe needed a cite, they would find the cite themselves instead of assigning such a task to the community at large. Contribute constructively, or leave. JacobB 00:57, 29 May 2010 (EDT)

Yes, if I am worried about the factual content of the articles on Conservapedia, I'm obviously not here to help. Those pesky facts don't help this site, do they? And the articles I tagged were referenced- with dead links and links to articles that had absolutely nothing to do with the so-called 'fact' that was referenced. And please tell me how on earth I'm supposed to 'find a cite' for something that is not factual? Is not the burden of proof on he who affirms? It has been since ancient times in our courts, such as the fine justice system we have in these great United States. I think I see what you are getting at here, though. If I'm not trying to blatantly deride and misrepresent Democrats and liberals, I'm not 'helping'- to accomplish your propagandistic goals. By 'find a cite' you obviously mean 'find some way to make this seem true.' Neither you, 'sir' (I use the title derisively), nor your ilk are in any way interested in facts, so do not ever have the gall to lecture me for so-called 'fact-mongering'. You pathetic, simpering fool.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucid Stupidity

I just upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu, and let me tell you, I'm pissed off about the Mac-ish controls on the left side, with no warning whatsoever. There are so many problems with this placement, as bloggers everywhere have already noted. But at least Ubuntu is still plenty customizable. So here is how to put the controls back to where they belong:

In a terminal, type gconf-editor and hit enter. In the editor, navigate to apps > metacity > general. Now click button_layout and change it to :minimize,maximize,close

That's it- enjoy your well-known layout without all the hassle.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Greed and Arrogance

I often think about hypocrisy. I'm a hypocrite. We all are, at times. But some, more than others. Take these people who protest taxes or social services, or even the fact that we have a federal government. I was listening to someone complain about the government the other day, I don't know who, just some guy on the radio, and he was complaining about how the government could never get anything done, and how we should just let businessmen run things- they know how to get things done.

Well, the first problem with that, Mr. Arrogant Businessman, is the difference in employers. Imagine if you had to go to work every day to listen to your boss complain about paying you. Imagine if, all day long, all you heard is your boss telling you how useless you are, how you never do anything right, and how he wishes it were the good old days when he could just outright own you as a slave. Then imagine if you went home every night, turned on the news, and there is your boss again, complaining about the poor job you do and how you deserve a pay cut at best. You can't ever escape it. And to make things worse, your own fellow employees were always hearing the same thing.

Well, that is what has been happening for a long time, my friend. In government, you are the boss. You the people. We the people. You know how it goes, right? Well, do you act like that with your employees? Why not? Take the time to use your head for something other than self-righteous self interest and think about what effect you are having on your employees- the millions who serve you every day even after hearing your crap for so many years.

Speaking of which, you say that you and your business buddies could do such a better job- after all, you run such a great company. You know what? So What? For all your bluster, you know absolutely jack about running a country, Jack. Your business, no matter how big or successful, is not an entire country, much less the United States of America. Look at yourself. All your bluster cannot hide the fact that you are the reason we are in such a bad state, economically. Your idiotic mismanagement- based on greed and downright nastiness- put our country into a severe recession that the big, bad government you bitch about so much had to bail your sorry butt out. Enlightened self interest. That means, "I'll love you until it's inconvenient."

So after you finish complaining about paying your taxes and having responsibilities toward your fellow citizens, and while you are driving on your federal highway to your fancy business, or maybe taking public transportation, complaining the whole way about how horrible it is, but hey, at least it's cheaper than driving, and while you're sending that nasty letter to your elected officials, cheaply, courtesy of the USPS, and while you're on your way to your favorite fishing spot in the country, which is on federal land, and while you're on your way to the airport to fly your fancy plane (safely, since the FAA keeps everything running smoothly), to go to a meeting to beg the federal government to give you the taxpayers' money to save you from your own horrible management- maybe just take a minute to stop and think about what a hypocrite you are. I know it won't really make an impression. After all, you know exactly what you are. But that's fine, good citizens everywhere continue to thwart the plans of you and your sociopath colleagues.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Man, I want a job at Los Alamos so badly. They have some great scientists positions that pay very well. Any government job is great, really. Great benefits, great pay, etc. Problem is your bosses (the American voters) hate paying you (as evidenced by all the tax protesters).