Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why I am hating Battlefield 3

I have been playing Battlefield 3 for about a week now, and I must say it has the potential to be a great game. But I am hating it more and more for one reason- there are absolutely ZERO hardcore servers. Now, I have been playing nothing but hardcore for several years, starting with CoD2 and through BFBC2. I love hardcore because it requires a totally different style of play than normal mode. Hardcore tends to force one to actually use strategy, since a single shot can, and often does, kill you. Rarely will you see idiots running and gunning in HC mode. Instead, there is the satisfaction of using teamwork and skill to accomplish the objectives. Objectives. There is another thing I like about HC. People who play it are more likely to be interested in actually attempting to capture flags, destroy MCOMs, etc. than normal players. On normal mode the only objective seems to be to kill as many people as possible. Sorry, but if all I wanted to do was run around and kill people, I woulfd just play the campaign mode.

And speaking of killing people, I hate how Godlike normal mode makes a player. Yesterday I emptied an entire 21 round clip into a guy's back from twenty yards away and he then turned around and shot me. The only way to kill someone seems to be to get incredibly good at aiming for the head- something counterintuitive in the extreme, since anyone who knows how to shoot knows that you aim for the largest target- the upper body mass. It is still the part that I automatically aim at, and no matter how hard I try, I just can't make myself aim for the smallest target on a person's body.

But I digress. Where the heck are the Hardcore servers, EA? Or indeed any of the non-normal servers that you show in the filter? What is this Infantry mode that shows up? Don't know, because, you guessed it, no servers for it. I even set it to show full servers in the event everyone might just be playing HC? But no, ZERO servers. In fact there are absolutely no servers for anything but normal mode. What a ripoff. Hey EA (or Origin or whoever you call yourselves now) do you think I am going to go Premium or buy any of the expansions without Hardcore mode? Think again.

Edit to add that I did find out the problem- the Multiplayer update never automatically installed because when it downloaded the Xbox stored the download on the USB stick I had in it, rather than the HDD. So since I never rebooted til after I removed the USB, the update was never applied. I have enjoyed mad Hardcore BF3 action since a few days after this post.

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