Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lego is so much more than just blocks now

I remember playing with Lego blocks as a child- who doesn't? But back then you just got a big bucket full of bricks. No "sets" or any of that stuff. You just had bricks and your imagination. Well, for the past several years they have had awesome Lego machines that make me wish I were a kid again. Actually, screw it, you don't have to be a kid to buy these Legos, as the above video of a really cool Lego car assembly line shows.

I'm glad that a toy exists to inspire children to learn and experiment with technology. Oh yeah, there are Erector sets, too. Kids these days are sure lucky to have such great technology available to them. If you are a parent and want to buy a toy for your kid that will provide hours of fun as well as expand the mind a bit, I recommend something along these lines. Just make sure you stop playing with them long enough to let them have a go!

Sorry for the short posts- I'm still trying to get another laptop. Smartphones are great, but writing with them sucks!