Saturday, August 6, 2016

I need you to wake up for me...

All elections in a "democratic" society are contentious. But this year marks one of the most contentious I've seen in my life. Social media is abuzz with very strong opinions about which candidate should be supported or, in actuality, which way our nation should advance into the future. The passion with which Americans are debating their "side" is so strong as to ruin friendships and family relations. Crazy!

But how many of you have taken the time to stop and rationally think about what role you actually play in this, or any other, election? How many are even aware of what they are so passionately fighting for? What is the cost to you and yours?

Let me put it this way. What role did you play in the decision to put "your" candidate on the ballot? When you heard that Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, or whoever, was going to be running for president, how many of you were able to celebrate what you can genuinely say was the result of any effort of your own? How many personally went to any local political party meetings and discussed who might be a good candidate, or voted or petitioned to have that candidate put on a ballot? What did YOU personally do in the years that led up to this election?

Well, honestly, if you're anything like me, you didn't do jack. You don't vote in local elections. You have no idea who's on your kid's school board, let alone who wants to be. You didn't choose your railroad commissioner; hell, you don't even know what a railroad commissioner is. You didn't vote for your sheriff. You didn't vote for your judges. But you're pissed about those traffic tickets they gave you. You didn't participate in democracy in your own home town, so why are you surprised when your choices nationally are between a douche and a turd? Watch that South Park episode BTW, it's true.

Anyways, I guess I'm just tired of hearing all the rants for or against presidential candidates, once every four years until someone "wins" and then we all go back to not giving a crap. I really want everyone to wake up and just see that the entire system is flawed, and that if the only time you're involved in the democratic process is when you're presented with choices that are not yours, then it always will be. Let's not ruin relationships based on our slavish devotion to a false choice.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm not going to quit you.

I've noticed that over the years, I've lost a few twitter friends. I can only assume that, aside from those who only follow you to get a follow back and then unfollow you after, it's because of something I say. Look, it's twitter. Everyone has an opinion, and if we merely surround ourselves with those who think like we do, then we're just using those people as a sounding board to bounce our own righteousness off. That's not the way that I approach social media.

I follow people because I care about them in some way. I don't use twitter to monetize my life or sell a product (or even myself.) I use it to get to know people that I, for whatever reason, have become interested in. Sure, it's also great for news, and to keep up with my favorite sports. But it's mostly about people. People I care about.

Since I care about you, my twitter friends, whether you follow me back or not, I promise I won't unfollow you just because I don't agree with you. I might not share your political opinions or religious beliefs. I might not like your language, or attitude. But I care about you, so I'll put up with those things. Because it's all those things that make you who you are; the person I'm interested in. Just thought I'd share that.