Saturday, July 30, 2016

I'm not going to quit you.

I've noticed that over the years, I've lost a few twitter friends. I can only assume that, aside from those who only follow you to get a follow back and then unfollow you after, it's because of something I say. Look, it's twitter. Everyone has an opinion, and if we merely surround ourselves with those who think like we do, then we're just using those people as a sounding board to bounce our own righteousness off. That's not the way that I approach social media.

I follow people because I care about them in some way. I don't use twitter to monetize my life or sell a product (or even myself.) I use it to get to know people that I, for whatever reason, have become interested in. Sure, it's also great for news, and to keep up with my favorite sports. But it's mostly about people. People I care about.

Since I care about you, my twitter friends, whether you follow me back or not, I promise I won't unfollow you just because I don't agree with you. I might not share your political opinions or religious beliefs. I might not like your language, or attitude. But I care about you, so I'll put up with those things. Because it's all those things that make you who you are; the person I'm interested in. Just thought I'd share that.