Sunday, May 28, 2017

What did you honestly expect?

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am quite the skeptic. I'm also pretty much immune to knee-jerks. I think rationally and logically, and I pay attention to the world around me, noticing patterns and remembering history. So it should come as no surprise that I'm here to subvert the narrative on the "terror killings" in Portland.

The situation is tragic. That cannot be denied. Any violent loss of life is a tragedy, no matter the victim's race, religion, sex, or politics. But what's been disturbing me is the slant that both the media, and the average American who slavishly "consumes" the media's "programming," are giving to these killings. To these agenda-laden people, the perpetrator was a "white nationalist Nazi who hates brown and/or Muslim people" who was "attacking" two defenseless Muslim women when a multicultural group of three brave men intervened to "help" the poor women and were viciously, "randomly" stabbed. It even happened on the first day of Ramadan, coincidentally! Now we have something to use as a counter to the Manchester bombings and hundreds of other Muslim terrorist attacks, to say, "See? Not just them! This is why we can't point the finger! This is why we can't hate!'"

But what are the actual facts? Yes, the guy was a psychopath. I mean, he voted for Bernie Sanders, for crying out loud! And he was yelling bigoted slurs at two Muslim women (Islam is not a race, so I'll not use the word "racist" that the liberals love so much. It really has no power anymore, anyway). Whether or not this can be seen as "attacking" then depends on how politically correct you are. But he was not physically assaulting anyone. It is not clear from any reports, how exactly the victims "intervened" to try to silence the stabber's naughty language but, knowing what I do of the knight in shining armor type, I can almost guarantee that they either attempted to physically assault him, or threatened to. If such is the case, one really can't act surprised that the man "defended" himself with a knife. It's kind of like American soldiers invading a nation that never attacked us, or any nation for that matter, and then acting surprised when they get shot. The victims weren't heroes, they were dumbasses. They could and should have called authorities to deal with the deranged man.

Now, neither I nor anyone else who wasn't on that train knows what really happened. Luckily all trains and buses in this country have video cameras aboard now, so I assume we'll find out when that's released. Right? You all did think of that, right? But there are real acts of terrorism that all the liberal love-in social justice warriors should be worrying about. There were eight people murdered in a mass shooting today, for instance. Don't hear any of them crying about the racist terrorism of that crime. Maybe because it doesn't fit the narrative, you know, what with the murderer being black. Hell, mass shootings happen in Chicago and Detroit every day, but we hear nothing about it from the media. Because it's not a white guy killing brown people.

The point is, if you're going to be anti-everything--anti-violence, anti-racism, anti-whatever--then you have to be consistent about it. Be just as outraged when a Muslim murders Christians as when a Christian kills a Muslim. Be just as outraged when a black man murders white people as you are when a white murders blacks. Otherwise, you have an agenda, and it's obvious to all what that agenda is. Good thing so many people are walking up to it now!